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IWAYAJI Temple Info

Aichiken Chitagun Minamichitacho



Aichiken Chitagun Minamichitacho Yamamimaso 109


Parking lot : 50 cars


Special point

Cultural asset. Garden. Hallowed ground. Red seal.

Divine favor

Safe childbirth. Prosperous business. Schoolwork accomplishment. Sick healing. Amulet. Road safety.

Learning and Experience

Zen meditation. Sutra transcription.

IWAYAJI informations

Foundation of Iwayaji

In 715, when Empress Gensho who was the daughter of Prince Kusakabe and Empress Genmei (Ahenohimemiko) acceded to the throne, Oshikoji Chunagon Sanenao was dispatched from the capital to take place the ceremony to consecrate Shokannon under the guidance of Gyoki-Bosatsu, who was devoted to the construction of Todaiji and became the first Daisojo in Japan later. This is said to be the foundation. There is a record that Todogaranjunikabo, Daimon, Romon and Tahoto were constructed at that time and they were majestic.


From the beginning of the New Year 's Day, the big festival on February 17th, which bustles with the most visitors in Iwateya Temple, has been burned.
We will also offer flower festivals and dinosaurs, Buddha and our ancestors.
It is a fire festival held in conjunction with the big festival on February 17 every year.
It is said that if you eat grilled a rice cake with a fire that you burned up, you can be sick and disease-free for one year.